ASTTBC Certified Fire Suppression & Fire Protection Services

ASTTBC Certified Fire Suppression & Fire Protection Services

CoastPro Fire Protection team  can help ease your mind regarding the fire protection systems in your building. We work to ensure your systems are ready to operate at moment’s notice. Emergencies happen, but our fire protection services can help you be prepared. Protecting lives and property is our job.

Taking care of your fire suppression system through inspections and service is every bit as essential as the original installation of your fire suppression system. Inspection, testing and repair are all critical to ensure that when protection is needed, your system will perform as designed.

Fire Protection Service For All Industries

Our team has experience working with buildings in the commercial, residential, and industrial marketplaces. Whether it is the installation of a system in a residential building, or the inspection of a suppression system in a manufacturing facility, CoastPro has you covered. We can inspect, and service fire protection systems for even the most complex applications.

Contact Us For AN Estimate

Make the call and make sure your systems are operating properly. Our team will provide an on-site, no-charge evaluation followed by a detailed estimate and action plan. And whether you need a few new sprinkler heads or a few thousand, or just regularly scheduled system inspections, you get total security in system functionality if needed.